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Laminate Floor Installation
I don't really have a contractor story but a question. I had just had a professional contractor install laminate floors in the majority of my home, and they did a very good job. In a very small area upstairs, the floor squeaks a little. I need to know if this is usually due to poor installtion or a flaw with the floor. I want to contact the contractor, but I want to be prepared and don't want to make a big stink if it's not the installers fault. I'm also wondering if it's not the contractors fault, if it's expensive to have them fix it. Thanks!
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The squeak could be coming from the subfloor, or the laminate floor. I had a situation in the last house where the installer didn't put down the foam underlayment in part of the room because he ran out, and was too cheap or lazy to go get more. The floor moved about a 1/4" up and down, and that's alot.

Also, it's possible that the floor was put in "too tight" in that area, and it's creating undo friction. If the floor has had time to acclimate to the house environment, then part of the floor may need to be trimmed, if it's installed too tight.

I'm assuming this is a quick-lock floor, as opposed to a tongue and groove, glued floor. If its a glued seam floor, the installer may have missed gluing a joint or 2.

Hope this helps a little.
good luck.
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