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mobile home roof
We have a double wide mobile home that is due for a new roof. We would like to change the pitch of the roof but in the process of checking the current roof we would end up distroying the whole house when taking off the old roof. Is there any way to change the pitch and still build a sturdy roof? We want to go with a metal roof this time. They have a much longer warranty. Just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas.
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how much of a pitch are you looking to obtain? You can simpy frame a new roof right over the existing one. If its properly done, little damage to the existing roof will occur, thus in the future if you decide to sell or remove the mobile home it can come off and the origional roof can be replaced. Simply fasten a 2x along the edge of the entire mobile home paying attention to proper use of sealants where it joins. This will act like a top plate of a wall in conventional framing. Then frame the roof to whatever pitch and soffit overhang you like. Really quite simple. But remember mobile homes are constructed in such a way that there is not a lot of structural strength in any one area so the framing must be nailed and screwed so any weight added to the roof is shared with the rest of the stucture..
Personally I would use a rubber roof rather then a metal one, Less noise and less likely to leak. The fasteners used to hold down the metal roof tend to decay after a period of time and then end up dripping water. The metal roof may have a better warranty, but what about the fasteners etc. A good rubber roof should last 25 to 30 years. More if you paint it every few years with a silver roof coating.
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I agree that the rubber roof is the best bet rather than dealing with the expense and structural issues of a new sloped deck. I put on a Roofwrap rubber membrane roof and am very pleased with it.
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