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Wall insulation R-19 versus R-23
I'm building a new house in Broken Arrow, OK. The home is about 5,000 sq. ft. We used 2x6 walls, and our intention was to use R-23 BIB in the walls. The builder screwed up and had the contractor install R-19 BATT instead of the R-23 BIB (Which was what was quoted). Mind boggling to me how this happend, but that's where I'm at. I'm expecting that the contractor is going to come back and offer some token deduct to accept the insulation as-is, rather than taking it all out and installing it the way it was quoted. I realize R-19 is still much better than R-13 with 2x4 walls, but I'm looking for some guidance on how to determine what deduct I would be willing to accept to leave the insulation as-is. Anybody have any suggestions on what R-19 will cost me in energy costs versus the R-23 over the next 10 years?

FYI..The total insulation cost was $5,000 including the R-23 BIB.
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R-19 is only R-19 when it is installed at it's full 6 inch depth.

Problem is, that R-19 installed in nominal 2x6 framing is compressed to only 5 1/2".

This means that R-19 fiberglass installed in 2x6 framing only has an actual R-value of R-17.

However way you caluclate it, you are getting FAR LESS insulation than the R-23 you paid for.
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If its mind boggling how the builder missed this. Wait and watch. They knew exactly what they were doing. Trying to cut corners. In hopes you would miss it or except it. Which based on your question your looking to deduct some money with acceptance to their issue.
Tell them to take it out and put what you spec'ed Do not accept anything less. Otherwise the builder will in an attempt to cut corners again will screw up again in hopes you will miss it or take some sort of allowance back.
I would be asking myself, What else did he not do correct?
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Or maybe it actually was a mistake. Even the big bad builder makes mistakes sometimes.

General Contractor/Home Builder
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