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vapor barrier/tile backer board
I am redoing my entire bathroom. I stripped the walls and want to put insulation in the outside wall and the ceiling. I have several books that give conflicting information about vapor barrier.
1) Should I use a vapor barrier in the ceiling and should the insulation paper be facing the bathroom or attic? (2)Do the vapor barrier should cover all the way to the floor where the tub is going in- or just where the backer board will be installed? (3) the wall under the tub are they to remain without drywall?
(4) What type of backer board should I use? My plan is to tile the tub walls up to where the ceiling meet. (5) Also what type of drywall should I use for the ceiling directly over the tub/shower area. This bathroom had a bad case of condensation. The 8x8 by 8'6" in height. I installed a heavy duty exhaust fan and it has a smal window. Hopefully that will be enough. I live in California, so the weather is mild. thanks. San
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Hey hope this helps your questions is a good one.

There are several diffrent products you can use in your bathroom application. First and foremost make sure you do a proper installation to avoid issues with trapped moisture in the future, as well as water infiltration into the wall cavity.

Your bath tub should not have any gypsum behind it at all, it needs to be installed directly to the studds themselves. Above the tub you should use a Cementitious backer unit that will provide a great tile backer surface. Cementitious backer units are made by many companies and can be purchased through your local tile distributors. In SF there is Dal Tile, Bedrosians etc. Some of the brands on the market are Permabase, Dura Backer (by Dal Tile, Durock, and Wonderboard. Of all the brands Permabase and Durabacker are the easiest to use, all brands score a perfect 10 on the ASTM 3273 mold test, which provides protection from mold growth. But the first 2 brabds absorb the least amount of moisture only 6-8% compared to others that absorb 15-35%, lower absorbtion means better tile bond. Make sure you follow manufatureres installation instruction, install all boards tightly, don't leave gaps between boards, and use Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh tape not drywall tape it will fail. Also use a latex modified thinset to cover the seams and corners and not regular thinset or mastic, Never, Never, Never use mastic in showers( just my opinion).

As for your ceiling, make sure you use the best product on the market. Don't use Greenboard, there are better alternatives available from National Gypsum, USG, and GP. There are new technologies that are specifically designed to fight against mold.

your insulation facing should be facing down, and your fan will greatly help. As with anything products will only perform as well as they are installed. Proper installation techniques are critical to ensure the best performance. Hope this helps

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Thanks for the information. It will help me a lot.
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