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Need advise on urine soaked concrete
Hi all need advise on what to do with concrete that hasw been urine soaked.

We bought our house and later found out the carpets had cat urine all over them.
We are ripping the carpet out and need advise on what to clean and seal the concrete with before we lay our new flooring down.

I have read to clean and seal it but haven't been able to find out what products are good to do this with so would really appreciate all the advise and help you can give us on this.
Thank you
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There are several products you can purchase from pet stores that will help remove the urine from the cement. I cannot remember the name of the stuff, but that is where you would find it. I think it comes in gallon white bleach type bottles. The people at the store will help you out in choosing the best stuff. Still not sure, call your local small animal vet, he or she can tell you what to use.

However, If there were cats in the house that did this, you will find also that the walls have been squirted as well. You will need to remove the wall covering and any insulation that is behind it. This stuff gets into everything.

Before you begin the clean up process, Purchase, rent, or find someone from the 60's and get their black light. This nifty little device will make the urine glow a bright green color so you know just where the critters did their thing. Best time to do this is when the room is dark so everything glows easy.

One thing however, kitty urine is difficult to remove. So you will need to soak the surface of the cement with the chemicals you purchase. If you think you put enough down. Do it again. As the weather changes and humidity goes up the smells will re-appear if you did not do this properly.
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I had a similar problem. I poured white vinegar on the floor and left all the windows open for a week until the vinegar evaporated.. Then I used a product called "Kilz" which is in the paint section of most home improvement stores. I painted the floor with Kilz and the smell was gone.
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