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Hardwood Floor. Water coming up???
I bought a condo about 11 months ago. Today I got home from work and noticed standing water in the middle of my hardwood floor. I cleaned it up, checked about an hour later and their was more standing water. It is literally in the middle of the floor no where near any plumbing or entrances. It has been rainy in my area for a couple of days, but nothing extreme. I'm guessing there is a leak somewhere else and showing up in the middle of the floor. I have contacted the building developers and have not heard from them. So my questions are how do I find where the leak is?
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What floor is the water on...basement, first floor, second floor? What are the walls of that floor made of? How old is the condo, and how old is the roof? What kind of roof is it? Flat? Pitched? Are there any intersecting roofs or chimneys? Is the floor that has the water level, or is it low in the middle? Is it a concrete floor, or is it framed in wood?

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Is the floor on grade level? Put down over concrete? Water is coming up from under the floor unless you have a dog you do not know about.
There can be several factors that cause this.
Snow melt and higher water tables can be one issue. Another can be a broken pipe under the floor somewere in that area. Regardless of what the cause is, the floor will have to be torn up to fix it. Once water gets under the wood and stays there for over 48 hours mold begins to develop and then the problems start. Push the assocation hard on this one. The longer the wait to address this, the more costly it will end up being.
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