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t-11 siding
My house was resided when the previous owner was living in it! The siding was not installed properly and is now rotting! Has anyone used the t11 look alike by Handy board! I mirrors the existing siding and I think it would hold up better than wood siding ! any Pros or cons to its use?
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As with most products, if the siding is properly installed, i.e. good moisture barrieir and proper gapping, with good caulking and a good paint job, to seal it, the siding should be just fine.
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Handy board??? Confused Do you mean Hardi board? If so, you should look at the Hardiplank Installation Instructions to familiarize yourself with all the nuances, such as handling, fastening, and cutting methods. I haven't heard one thing bad about the product and being a pre-painted fiber cement product, it should hold up for a long long time.

Mike C.
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