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Frmaing for a Tray Ceiling
I am remodeling my kitchen and want to frame in a tray ceiling. It is a single story structure with lots of attic space above. The original ceiling was dropped to allow for lighting fixtures. The drop down is not structural and can be easily removed. I'm looking for information or a book or manual to help me learn how to do the framing. Any help will be appreciated.
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All depends on what structure you have above.
If the kitchen is on the first floor of a 2 story house, then you would frame down to create a tray look.
If the kitchen is a one story appendage to a 2 story house and has a shed roof above, then you should be able to raise the ceiling to create a tray without a problem.
If the kitchen is one story with a roof above then you will have structural concerns. Depends on the snow load for your area, rafter size, span and pitch.
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Currently, I don't think there are any publications out that will give the instruction needed to properly do the renovation framing necessary to carry the ceiling loads or that will guide in framing the tray ceiling. Depending on the type of tray you have in mind the framing can get quite complicated or if it's a simple flat side tray ceiling the framing is pretty straight forward. I reccomend contacting an engineer, architect, framing contractor, or building official to give you some guidance. Any fees related to advising you of your options will be nominal compared with correcting mistakes two days into the job.
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