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Garage door header
I am installing a triple 2x8 header for an 8 foot wide garage door. This is in a non-load bearing wall being 2x6 framed to enclose an existing freestanding carport. The architect just specified "Frame down existing header" over the garage doors. The "existng header" is a double 2x12 beam supporting the gable roof.

This is an existing freestanding pole-barn carport supported by 6x6 posts every 10 feet. Each garage door will have a short section of new framed wall on one side (less than two feet, to bring the jamb in from the post on that side) installed over a new poured 9" curb to raise the framing above grad. There is a 6x6 post on the other side of each garage door.

How many trimmer studs do I need for the tripole 2x8 headers? Can I replace one trimmer stud on one side with a Simpson HH6 Header Hanger?
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Since it sounds like you've already paid an architect to design this for you, you really should be asking him/her. That's what you paid them for.

General Contractor/Home Builder
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