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Removing mirror adhesive from wall
Here is the short version... Does anyone have any reccomendations for removing the black, asphalt looking adhesive (used for wall mirrors) from a wall with minimal damage to the wall itself?

For those who might want a more detailed version of where I'm coming from, here goes...

Yesterday we had three mirrors removed from one of the walls of our living room. Each mirror was aprox 4ft 4in in by 4ft 6in for a total aprox coverage of 14ft- 4 1/2ft. They were able to be taken down without any damage to the mirrors (anyone in Fort Worth need big mirrors cheap?). However, now that they have come down of course there is some slight damage to the wall. 30 baseball sized patches total, a few where the brown layer of sheetrock is exposed, which I will texture prime and paint. The big question is the black, asphalt adhesive that is on the wall. Sanding seems to do no good, and the only success I have had is chiping away at it very slowly with a razor, which is a very slow process and still doesn't seem to work very well. When you look at the mirror caulk instructions it says to remove excess with mineral spirits, but I don't know how well this would work with adhesive that has set there for 9 years.

Any feedback that you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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The amount of effort it takes to remove the asphalt that holds the mirror in place is not worth the time. Cut out the sheetrock and install new rock. The Adhesive once set for a long period of time will be impossible to remove with solvent without damageing the wall to a point you end up spending more time fixing the damage by attempting to remove the adhesive then you would simply patching with new. They suggest that you use the solvent on the mirror when installing it. The adhesive is still soft and can be washed off. It will not touch the stuff once dried.
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